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360nx Designs is a web design agency based in Lusaka, Zambia. We have vast ongoing experiences in a variety of industries and have the drive to work with almost any type of business.

The business started out as a one person freelance gig solely focused on web and graphic design. Its founder, Ronald "Ronny" Mboma, a then fresh out of college enthusiast, set out to change the world with his new found love of web designing. Ever since that ignition, 360nx Designs has grown in capacity, incorporating digital marketing and analytics for house-hold names such as the United Nations and many other brands.

You, the customer are our most valued asset, without you we don't exist! Hence, our goal is simple; to provide solutions that matter. Period!

We believe customers are unique and so the websites we build are meant to provide solutions that help businesses thrive. You can feel secure knowing that we have been providing web design solutions since 2007. Check out our work, it's funktastic

The project management experiences we've had has helped us simplify the design process to a more agile and flexible process. Here's the fun part of our every day: building great products

360nx Designs Website and Graphic Design Process

Discover: We immense ourselves in your ideas and goals and learn about your business - examining your target market, strategies and your competitors. We then take the gathered information and propose a project plan.
Design: We build upon the plan to develop a concept, and refine the possibilities until a single clear solution emerges. Once done, we develop your website and test it thoroughly.
Deploy: Once all usability and functionality tests are done and passed, we are set to "Go-Live". Yes! Your own online stamp on the World Wide Web goes live.

Grow: Online success does not stop here. It actually starts with growing your website and audience. We offer extensive support in performance analysis and strategy. What can we tweak on the website? Who are your potential clients? Where can we find them? etc...

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Our skills are a collage of past experiences and are daily improving to serve our clients better.